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With your membership, you can expect to be invited to the social gatherings, workshops, community service projects and other events that we host throughout the year. We welcome your participation and contributions to any and all events that you are able to attend. We collaborate with a variety of other community programs and proudly support projects that are in alignment with our mission and are always open to new partnerships. Our dues and paid events are used primarily to fund the projects that we support. We also tithe to PSI World, as we are grateful for where our connection began and love the work that they are doing.



Member dues are $50 for this year or $250 for 5 years.  


Send a check payable to:

Wahine Leaders of Hawai'i

2810 Paa Street #3

Honolulu, HI 96819

Credit Card

Click below for either a one-year or five-year membership. Processing fees will apply. ​

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If this is your first time becoming a member, fill out the form below.


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