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Board Election and Nomination Information

Mark Your Calendar! We will be hosting a virtual WLH meeting on Thursday, January 13, 2022 from 6:30-7:00pm. The meeting will be brief and will be focused solely on our 2022 elections. This will be an opportunity for the women on the Ballot to introduce themselves to our WLH Members and then we will host a virtual vote. If you are unable to make the meeting, you will be able to submit your vote by Sunday, January 16, 2021 at midnight. As we head into the New Year and invite you to consider joining our WLH Board, it is with deep appreciation that we acknowledge both Cindy Namahoe (President for the past 8 years) and Jill Kagawa (Secretary for the last 7 years). These loving, dedicated, creative, powerhouses of sisters both have contributed so much to us individually and our amazing WLH community! Their leadership on the Board will be greatly missed! With that, we are looking forward to welcoming new Board members who are excited and ready to step into these roles and wholeheartedly serve our community. With hopes of continuing with succession, Angie Atkins (current Vice President) will be running for President and Jina Rabago (current Corresponding Secretary) will be running for Vice President - please note, these positions are open for others to run for as well. Nominations If you are interested in running for any of these 4 positions - please respond to this email or get in touch with one of the Board Members (contact information provided below) by Sunday, December 19, 2021 in order to be included on the Ballot. We also welcome your nominations for other WLH members who you believe would be a great fit for these Board positions and have taken the time to talk with her about serving on the Board. We will follow-up with her and see if she's interested in being included on the Ballot. Voting & Membership Are you a current WLH Member? You must be current with your membership in order to vote in our 2021 Election. Registering as a member is easy! Just click here to JOIN or RENEW. If you aren't sure of your member status - email us and we'll let you know! President Responsibilities (2 year term):

  • The main advocate for holding the vision for WLH

  • The public face of WLH

  • The contact person for questions and collaborations from members/community

  • Presides over General Meetings and Board of Director Meetings

  • One of the check signatories

  • Responsible for all required tax documents to be filed

Vice President Responsibilities (2 year term):

  • Partner with the President to lead meetings and events

  • Board liaison for projects: oversees proposals and completion

  • May be President-Elect in training

  • Presides in the absence of the President

  • Permanent replacement should the President need to step down

  • One of the check signatories

Recording Secretary (2 year term):

  • Maintains complete and accurate minutes of General Membership Meetings and Board of Director Meetings

  • Collects minutes from the committee meetings when appropriate

  • Keeps records of By-Laws and any amendments to it

  • Generate and file all of all WLH documents, general mailing lists and databases

  • Maintains the secure storage of above contents

  • Oversees official Election process

Corresponding Secretary Responsibilities (2 year term):

  • Provides WLH announcements to membership as approved by the Board of Directors using Board-approved marketing platforms, including but not limited to the organization's email, website, MailChimp, Evite, and social media platforms

  • Keeps the organization's website content current and serves as liaison to the website developers. Participates in website training with the developers and provides training to other members

  • Maintains the organization's member list

WLH Board Contact Information Cindy Namahoe - Current President: Angie Atkins - Current Vice President: Paulette Williams - Current Treasurer: Jill Kagawa - Current Recording Secretary: Jina Rabago - Current Corresponding Secretary:

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