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February Sister Circle Recap

We had our second Sister Circle of 2022! We talked about relationships, relationships with a partner and also relationships with ourselves.

Here's a recap of what you missed:

In order to be in relationship with others you must have self care and self love. Tips for self care: - Get massages (especially the Korean body scrubs) - Have dates with yourself and have the waiter order for you - Dance and fitness - Massage yourself after a shower - Buy yourself flowers Keeping the love alive - Take the quiz for your erotic blueprint at: - Explore what turns you on and have an open communication - Adventure Dates: Plan a date with your significant other. Plan it in advance, keep the element of surprise, give them the necessary details (when to be ready, what to wear, where you will meet). Add a challenge example, you can not feed yourself. (What does Claire call this part?) Gratitude for partner: - See his greatness and bring it out in him - "When you love the boy and the man will appear" - Say how grateful you are for something specific someone has done or how they showed up for you Resources: - Erotic blueprint Watch Sex, love, goop on Netflix - Alison Armstrong, “Keys to the Kingdom” Contribution Every month we're going to dedicate to raising money for a particular cause. This month we want to donate to Jarrett Middle School as an underserved population. Many of these children are living in government housing without the resources for feminine hygiene products. We would like to donate 200 - Goodies bags with feminine hygiene products. If you would like to help us make our goal please contact Dayna at Next Month: Our topic next month is all about the Benjamins, the money, the green. We will be reaching out to fellow sisters who have mastered everything from making it, keeping it, investing it and making more of it. If this topic excites you then I hope to see you there.

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